Behind the Products and Shipment


Acanthus Trading- Importers of Portuguese Ceramics, Glasswear, Linen Pewter and Antiques, hand finished to very high standard of quality craftmenship


Delivery dockets must be signed "Subject to checking" if you do not have time to check boxes while they wait.No replacement or credit will be given unless this is done. Proforma Orders are a minium of $300.00. Reorders are minium of $250.00, anything under will incure a $25.00 Handling Fee

Acanthus Trading has several product lines each with its individual background and history.

Bordalo Pinheiro: Ceramic Tableware and Accessories.

The works of ceramicist and illustrator Rafael Bordalo Pinheiro (Lisbon. 1846 - 1905) became widely known to the Portuguese and European people as a reputable artist and master craftsman. His ability to create unique designs of superb quality in tableware and ceramics have earned him a place in history. Faiancas Artisticas Bordalo Pinheiro continues to produce tableware, figurines, sculpture and decorative ceramics which are eclectic and are very collectable, many older pieces becoming highly sort after as valuable antiques. When you purchase Bordallo ceramics, you can be confident that your investment is a genuine article of beauty, value and quality with a linage of history. The moulds used for his ceramics were hand carved from wood and some are still used in the production and manufacture of his ceramics to this day. All hand painted and beautifully finished and branded with the traditional Bordalo Pinheiro logo. Please take care to make sure that your purchase bears this brand, it insures the authenticity of the manufacturer. All Bordalo ceramic products are kiln fired at 1100 degrees and are dishwasher and microwave safe.

Atlantis - Ivima: Hand Pressed Glassware.

Ivima est. 1884 in Portugal and joined Atlantis Crystal in 2003. This company produces high quality European hand pressed glassware in modern and classic designs for the table, bathroom and the bedroom, coming in many beautiful and varied colour ways and is all dishwasher safe.